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Our extensive and versatile experience
is your strongest weapon

Creation process in an office

Advertising and Publishing Studio Rotulus OÜ

With 20 years of experience creating both digital and printed products we are able to bring together production of web pages, business cards, banners, flyers and booklets to produce a comprehensive brand image with consistent style throughout.
We know how to make advertising work for you and can help you find the best possible solution for your business. We can create a complete advertising campaign if needed or concentrate on specific tasks to deliver efficient promotion of your brand.
We respect your choices, time and budget constraints so we put a lot of effort into finding out the best price-quality ratio suitable specifically for you.
While in early days our main field of work was pre-print processing and high quality polygraph production later as we matured professionally the passion to provide all-inclusive services to our clients has transformed us into a digital agency.
Through our history, we have worked with a lot of Estonian and foreign companies and private individuals (Russian, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Israel, Czech Republic, etc.).
And now we are looking forward to work with you!


  • Akzo Nobel
  • Kiviter
  • Viru Keemia Grupp AS
  • VKG Liimid AS
  • VKG Oil AS
  • Nitrofert AS
  • Rotermanni Viiking Hotell
  • Tallinna Trammi- Ja Trollibussikoondis
  • Narva Linnavalitsus
  • Saint Petersburg electronik company
  • Kohtla Kaevandus
  • Kreenholmi AS
  • Tallinna Autobussi-Koondis
  • Polonsky Porcelain Factory
  • Makroflex AS
  • Eesti Mäehariduskeskus
  • Põlevkivi Raudtee

We will be delighted if you become our next customer!